SuSE Linux Professional 9.2 on an Jewel Topaz 9600

by Clinton Aarts
Computer science student

I have recently custom built this notebook to my likings and haven't had the time to mess around a lot yet so please bare with me as I keep adding more updates to this website. I have previously owned two other notebooks wich I have succesfully installed SuSE Linux on, like the IBM Thinkpad 390E. My most recent laptop whas a Acer Travelmate 630 TXC wich I have succesfully managed to run SuSE as well and also worked on documentation with Manfred Jantscher. Since I like to built my pc's myself and prefer large availability of parts I chose a Jewel. Any questions about this documentation or any suggestion feel free to e-mail them to me.

Laptop description
I have custom built this notebook, normally it is shipped with a Intel centrino processor, but mine has a 1.7 mhz Dothan since Jewel claims the centrino doesn't run too stable after all. Anyways here we go:

*** 05-04-2006 UPDATE Since upgrading the memory from 1 gig to 2 gigabytes SuSE 9.2 has refused to bootup properly. 10.0 also gives major performance problems It takes a lot of time to boot/install etc so I am trying to figure out if recompiling the kernel will provide a solution.***
Processor Intel® Pentium M Dothan @1700mhz
Chipset Intel® 855GME / ICH4-M
Screen 12.1" WXGA TFT (1280x800)
Memory 2 SO-DIMM DDR-PC2700 Sockets 1024MB DDR Ram
Video Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 shared memory
Storage CD Rewriter-DVD Combo
80 GB 2.5" harddisk
Sound SoundBlaster Compatible
4 Built in Speakers
Built in microfone
I/O 1x Cardbus 2.1 (PCMCIA, type II)
2x USB 2.0
1x IEEE1394 (Firewire/iLink)
1x D-Sub for monitor
1x Speaker out
1x microphone out
SPIDF digital audio out
TV-Out S-Video
Communication Intel® Pro2200BG onboard Wireless LAN
10/100Mbit Networkadapter (UTP)
56k V.90/V.92 Modem
4-in-1 cardreader (SD/MMC/MS/MS Pro)
Measurements 1.9Kg (including CDROM, harddisk and battery)
230 x 292 x 25mm
Power Smart Li-Ion battery
230v Adapter